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Only natural ingredients, always a relief.

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About Trade Mark Hemp

"We build self-sustaining water farms to provide the purest organic hemp and food.

Our COA proves we have zero foreign contamintes in our hemp flower.

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Our Innovative Aquaponic Hemp Farm

We utilize the latest advanced farming techniques with our aquaponic farming system to provide pure, organic, high-quality CBD from our hemp flower. We consistantly innovate and educate for the future of organic farming.

Committed to Quality

Highly Rated

Our CBD products are regularly rated as top tier products among our clients and industry peers. Try us out, we know you will love our products!

Professional Service

We bring a professional level of service to everything we do, from our farming practices, product formulation, and baking.

Quality Standards

Our high quality standards make us one of the best sources for CBD products, be it topical, tinctures, baking ingredients, or doggy treats.