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Harvest moon 2021

Fall 2021

Fall is here again, and so is the cold chill coming into our houses all across America. If you keep a greenhouse, it is time to bring out the winter equipment. If you don't have money for environmental controls, you can still get creative with passive energy inputs. For example, if you can't buy or dedicate a heater to your green house try a few of these easy D.I.Y. tips.

Solar energy should be utilized whenever as possible. A solar exhaust vent attached to your greenhouse is a great way to keep air movement. It can reduce mold growth and after installation maintains a free measure of climate control. These can be found on Ebay and are fairly inexpensive. If you have access to large water jugs, or better yet drums, you can fill/seal them with regular tap water. Spray paint the entire surface all flat black, allow to fully dry and then place them by the walls or corners. You will create passive heating with the  containers absorbing solar energy from the black exterior. The water retaining that warmth will continue to slow release for the rest of the day. 

Be sure to give a good visual inspection of your greenhouse to seal any openings that will invite cold air . If you keep fish as we do in our greenhouse, it's about time to dust of the Titanium heating elements to keep those fish warm and happy! Remember, fish metabolism slows down in colder weather so you may need to cut feeding amounts in half. Have a great week, and "keep it all natural" as we say here at Trademark Hemp .🐟🌱🌎 


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