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New year, what's moving you ?

New year, what's moving you ?

Happy New year to you from Trade Mark Hemp !

We are gearing up for a big year of growth, i hope you are as well. One thing that we believe in is conscious self care, so let's take an extra step towards our health. Hit that gym, run or walk those laps, dance, play, because movement is healing to the body! The human body is the most complex mechanism on the planet, but it doesn't have to be complicated to fuel . Actually you will find that cleanest whole foods will power you through the day much better than any energy supplement you can take.  I started feeling my best when I took initiative to eat cleaner and schedule those workouts. I learned about the benefits of C.B.D. 🍃 supplementation for athletes a few years ago. What I can tell you is C.B.D. has been a game changer for me. Post workouts that would have normally put me down for a few recovery days are now just a Midnight Oil salve application away from getting back to business.  Following up with a spoon of Bee Leaves honey in the morning with my coffee, and a Trade Mark Hemp all vegan protein bar... well... talk about a breakfast fit for a champ. My mood is always elevated, soreness is nearly nonexistent, and with all the best protein I have slow release energy that lasts for hours. We're ready to grow this year, are you?  Summer of 2022 here we come ! 🌞 


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