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Trade of Purity

Trade of Purity

Have you ever wondered about making your very own farm? Is growing your own food for your family an interesting subject? Hello and welcome   to "Trade of purity" my aquaponics BLOG. My name is Mark Loustaunau, Co-founder and grow operator of Trademark Hemp. Maybe you feel like a farm is not really an option because of your urban location. I used to daydream about those same things . That was until one little carnival prize changed my life forever. 

Our origin story starts with "Gary" the goldfish. He was a prize given to my son after proudly winning a ball tossing game at the Del Mar fairgrounds. We have never kept fish before, but after some heavy convincing to my lovely and big hearted wife we decided to make a permanent home for our new friend. On the condition that I take full responsibility to keep him happy and his tank clean for all time. Happily I agreed, but I had no idea that this little creature would be the catalyst for a huge spark within myself. So I immersed myself in aquaculture tutorials, selective reading and application of all different fish keeping practices.

As I learned more about him, the more interesting he became . Did you know a group of goldfish is called "a troubling"? How about the lifespan, that could reach up to 45 years under the correct conditions!  I'm sure you have heard the myth of a goldfish memory, that lasts 10-15 seconds... This is of course incorrect,  as they have a minimum memory of 3 months and can also learn to recognize faces! Understanding of our new fish deepened, and i eventually stumbled across a new form of knowledge or what I like to call "Trade of Purity". Thus began my personal research on Aquaponics water farming. It is a complete organic system in which I could grow not only pure and safe food, but some of the finest Hemp available today. If you want to know how , standby in days and weeks to come as I give regular entries on the subject.  We want to be of service to all of our clients and more at Trademark Hemp with our exceptional selection of handmade organic and vegan products. We will also keep you up to date on information for today's C.B.D. market and farming around the world !🌎 Come back anytime for some news, knowledge, or maybe just the perspective of one urban farmer . 

We look forward to servicing you, and remember clean food is clean living !                            Sincerely,

Mark Loustaunau,

Co-founder and Chief operating officer of TrademarkHemp. 



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