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Finding good, trust-worthy, legal CBD should be convenient and reliable. That is exactly why we chose to grow our hemp plants with an advanced aquaponic system. We use the latest methods of aquaponics to grow healthy CBD rich hemp plants which we then extract our CBD from to create our products. All of this is done in-house by our team, because we want to ensure we provide the highest quality products as possible for our customers, friends, and families. We care about the quality we provide because know how important CBD can be to someone who is looking for a way to heal and improve their well-being.
Our farming methods are completely free of toxic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides which are all too common in industrial farms producing hemp or other products. We want to provide clean and healthy ingredients to all our customers. We use our products, so our customers can feel confident that the quality they receive is the same that we would provide to our own families and friends.

Aquaponics is the process of growing plants and produce using water enhanced with fish fertilizer. This method of farming and providing nutrients to the plants consistently produces high-quality results for many industries, especially when it comes to growing CBD saturated hemp plants. We chose aquaponic farming because it is effective, reliable, and most of all, it’s environmentally sustainable and healthier than conventional grown plants.   Aquaponic growing methods create potent and healthy CBD rich hemp all year round.

We love serving our community and seeing people improve in their physical and mental well-being through our CBD products. If you have any questions about the quality of our CBD, please feel free to contact us. All our products are legally certified and inspected to meet the highest standards.