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Does C.B.D. cause drowsiness?

- Naturally derived Cannabidiol

  • CBD is neither a depressant nor a stimulant. You can modulate the effects depending on the dose and the time of the day.
  • CBD doesn’t have the side effects of conventional stimulants and depressants. 

       *   Note that any medical conditions should be evaluated by a doctor and discussed before taking C.B.D. supplements internally. 

Is it legal ? Are there any restrictions

It's legal to buy CBD in California, Residents can buy hemp-derived CBD oil even without a doctor's recommendation or a medical card. When buying legal CBD in California though, make sure that it's hemp-derived and through a licensed store. It is recommended that everyone shop for hemp products through the legal market as they have more standardization and record keeping. This will ensure a safe and tested product for the end user. 

Can I take too much honey ? What is the recommended dose ?

- It is recommended that honey consumption is not over two tablespoons or six teaspoons a day of regular natural honey. Our "Bee Leaves"🍃 honey is a potent CBD infusion that only requires one to two teaspoon doses daily for use.

What is the recommended dosage ?

A unit of measurement for dosage would be 1-6 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body mass, depending on severity of discomfort. To ease any initial concerns that you may have about the safety of CBD, CBD has been shown to be safe for humans in excess of 1500 mg a day! (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health) The groups of people explicitly mentioned that should not be using CBD products internally are pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is advisable to start with lowest dosage first then work upward until effects are noticed.  Keep in mind when using, it is not what you feel - so much as what you do not feel anymore. Take note of how you feel internally and externally before you start using CBD to gain a full perspective of the changes you feel.  

Will CBD make me high?